The Kafunta Safaris Team

Directors and Owners

Ron & Anke Cowan and Their Son Luke

The Kafunta family started with the Cowans many years ago. Ron and Anke met in Australia, Ron’s home country, in 1988. Anke was travelling at the time and they continued their journey together through Asia and back to Anke’s home in Germany where they planned their next big adventure.

In 1990 they left in a Land Rover and travelled through Africa, spending some time in Malawi before discovering the Luangwa Valley, Zambia. It was here that they started their own business in 1993 and where they built Kafunta River Lodge in 1998.

“We instantly fell in love with the Luangwa Valley and decided to make it our home.”

Ron and Anke got married in the Luangwa Valley in 1995 and Luke, their son, was born in 1999. Luke has spent his primary school years at Kafunta where he was home schooled, a real bush school! Now that he is in High School in Australia, the family commutes between their home in Perth and their home at Kafunta where they want to spend their holidays. Both Anke and Ron are fully involved in the management of the lodge, and when at Kafunta you will often see them sharing afternoon tea with guests.

Make sure to ask them about the beginnings of Kafunta, they certainly have a story or two to tell about starting a lodge in remote Africa and living in the bush!

“In the early years we used to take the guests into the park ourselves but these days we seem to be too busy looking after all matters of business, so we wait for the animals to come to us… They visit us regularly at the Lodge.”

General Manager and Kafunta River Lodge Manager

Johan and Lori van Eeden

Johan was born in South Africa, but when very young his parents moved to the Zambian copperbelt where his parents worked in the copper mining and support industries. He attended formative primary education in the bustling town of Luanshya and then later attended boarding school in Gweru, Zimbabwe. After attending university back in South Africa, he settled for a while as a headmaster of a primary school in Botswana before leaving education and moving into hospitality and lodge management. Since then there has been no looking back! He has worked as an Operations Manager and General Manager in a number of lodges in South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya. Johan is passionate about wildlife, photography, golf and the outdoors.

Lori was born in South Africa and comes from a family of three girls. She spent much of her early life in her parent’s upholstery shop learning how to run the business. After school she left home and worked in a government institution for a number of years. Due to the demand and potential, she started her own gardening and home care business before moving to Pretoria in South Africa where she had a successful career in the Aeronautics industry. Lori then decided to get involved in lodge management with Johan and from there gained experience in South Africa and East Africa. Loves cooking, outdoors and has a keen eye for details and systems.

Johan joins us as General Manager and will look after our three properties while Lori will run the daily operations at Kafunta as Lodge Manager.

Operations Manager


Rob Beadel

Born and bred in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Rob’s childhood couldn’t have been further removed from the bush than the place he now calls home.
From a young age Rob was fascinated by two things, sport and wildlife. Especially African wildlife.
Having dipped his toes in the water back in 2001 and visited several game parks on a trip from Nairobi to Cape Town, he left for the bright lights of Europe and Canada with the thoughts deeply implanted in him of somehow returning to the bush, and into Africa again. He then spent a year in Tanzania studying wildlife at MWEKA, College of African Wildlife Management, and thru a friend there, was introduced to the Luangwa Valley and the amazing abundance and variety of wildlife and birds in the area.

Rob has been a popular figure in the Valley since. Now at Kafunta, he claims he truly has the best job in the world! He gets to indulge in his two passions everyday; sport, thru the local touch rugby and volleyball games, and the bush, which he coexists with everyday.

Assistant Manager


Wilson Malambo

Wilson was born in the Southern Province and belongs to the Tonga tribe. After completion of his tourism studies in 2001, he worked in different sectors of the tourism industry before joining Kafunta River Lodge in 2005. He is in charge of the Reception and reservations and will welcome you upon arrival. Wilson is passionate about soccer and regularly organises soccer matches for the Kafunta team.

Workshop Manager

Levy Chulu

Born in Kitwe in the Copperbelt, Levy came with his parents to the Eastern Province when he was still a young child. Following in his father’s step, he became a mechanic and was one of the first staff members hired at Kafunta over 20 years ago. Ever since he has worked closely with Ron & Anke Cowan to build and to constantly improve all our properties. His passion remains under the hood of a vehicle and with the company’s fleet growing he has much work on his hands as our workshop manager.

Sales & Reservations Manager

Isabelle (Izzy) Defourny

Izzy was born in French-speaking Belgium but has long left her home country to roam the world working for high end hotels and resorts. In 2009 she landed in Southern Africa and fell in love with the African bush. Dedicated to customer service, Izzy is joining our team as Sales & Reservations Manager while assisting our operational team on site.
Izzy shares her time between Kafunta River Lodge and Europe or some other destinations where her marketing projects takes her. Of course she treasures her time at the lodge, and often sneaks out of her office to photograph elephants coming to the water hole.

Safari Guides

Our guides that take you into the bush are extremely well trained and knowledgeable. They have all passed the high level Grade 1 safari exams and are qualified to escort walking and driving safaris. They will ensure your trip is both safe and interesting. With their extensive knowledge they can provide insight into the complex and fascinating world of the African wildlife and habitat as well as local traditions, beliefs and bush remedies as only a traditional, local guide can.

Martin Mbewe


Martin was born in 1965 and is from the Kunda tribe, Martin has followed his lifetime dream to become a Safari guide. Martin and his wife Lydia joined Kafunta in 1997, Martin’s pleasant nature and attention to detail have earned him a very good name as a safari guide and he is very well liked by our guests.

Andrew Bwalya


Andrew Bwalya was born in 1967 in Mpika district (Northern Zambia) and is from the Bemba tribe. Andrew trained at the Wildlife Management College and became a National Parks scout, he also worked as escort scout on the walking safaris before he trained as a safari guide. He passed his exam in 2000 and has been working as guide ever since.

Andrew worked with us while he was a national park scout and joins us again in 2010 as a safari guide. His advanced knowledge of the bush and charming character are well liked by the guests.

Abel Banda


Abel joined us in May 2011, he is from the local Kunda tribe and was born in 1978.

Abel became a guide in 2003 and has guided in South Luangwa, Lower Zambezi and Mosi o Tunya National Park. He studied Wildlife Management in Tanzania before returning to Zambia.

Abel has had a passion for wildlife since an early age, he never gets bored of watching animals and loves sharing his passion with others. Guiding is his true passion.



We are proud to say that a high number of the local staff that helped us build Kafunta are still working at the lodge. Many of them have had the opportunity to train in professions like room attendants, barmen, mechanics, waiters and cooks.

We employ more than 30 permanent workers and many more during the season. Most of our staff are from the local tribal villages in the area and we are always happy to offer young Zambians the opportunity to train in different professions and further their careers.