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Anything can happen in the bush


It was one of those mornings when you think nothing could be seen in terms of big animals. As we entered the park, impala and puku were everywhere and the only big animal I saw was a giraffe. I went onto the “Big Baobab” loop and there I noticed another giraffe and more impalas, they seemed to be worried about something. I stopped but there was nothing I could see, so I drove on and saw Martin with the other guests. He signalled me and told me that he had just seen a leopard where we noticed the animals strange reaction.

On return we found not one but two leopards. The leopards were hunting the impala, it is very unusual to see two leopards hunt together. They were a mating pair and it was amazing to see them hunting like this at 9 am in the morning, we watched for a while before we moved on.

We did not get far when I noticed some buffalos, it was a big herd. We stopped and soon noticed some lions that were stalking the buffalo, at this time we only saw two lions but soon we realised that is was a pride of ten. Some were hiding in the bush ready for the ambush. Never the less they did not manage to kill and this was not the time anyway lions normally hunt … but anything can happen at any time in the bush!

In the distance we could still see the 2 leopards that we had spotted earlier, they were still hunting.

Now it was time to return to the lodge for lunch and a break, but when we returned in the afternoon, we did not find the lions. But we spotted the leopard’s kill of an impala, to our surprise it was not the two adults leopards on the kill but two cubs, the adults where nowhere to be seen.

All in all it was a great safari day, something to write home about!

Josephat Msoni

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