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Safari in pyjamas


The first group at Island Bush Camp this year, were six people from England. They started their safari at Kafunta and after three days moved on to the Bush Camp for three days of walking safaris. We did see so many animals including three lionesses on a night drive, which were just sitting next to the road, so we could get quite close to them. The highlight of the trip though was to happen in the last night. As usual we got back to camp from a walk and had our dinner at 7.30 only to go to bed afterwards thinking this was the end of the excitement.

In the middle of the night, I heard some strange calling of an animal. I thought it was a hippo giving some kind of alarming call, but when I heard it more often I realized it was a call of desperation. So I got out of my chalet and put the spotlight on my vehicle and drove to the point where the noise was coming from. As I approached the scene, I saw a hyena walking about, so I thought it was a hyena fight that caused the commotion. But as I went further I found lions hanging onto a baby hippo trying to bring it down!!

And this was happening barely 10 meters away from the last chalet of Island Bush Camp! Even though it was after midnight already, I decided to wake up the guests, and indeed, they came out of their chalets in their nighties and jumped into the vehicle. So there we were, in the middle of the night, right next to the camp…watching the lions killing a hippo..it took them some time, since the hippo was desperately trying to get out of that situation, but in the end the strength of the lions was too much for it. After all this excitement we all went back to bed only to get back to the same spot in the morning to find that most of the hippo was eaten.

So remember to bring your nighties next time so that you don’t miss the action in the night!

Josephat Msoni

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