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Whole day drive


July 2010, Mario Voss: Whole Day Drive

During my parents’ stay at the beginning of this month, I thought it would be nice to join them on a few safaris because firstly I don’t get to see my parents very often, and secondly… I just love being in the park anyway! I was particularly keen to join them on their whole day drive going up north into areas that we can’t reach during “normal” safaris from Kafunta. And so I jumped on the car ready for a great day in the bush. Apart from seeing so many different animals, the highlight was certainly watching a pride of lions, named the Hollywood Pride, due to their very friendly behaviour towards vehicles … and cameras!

We parked our vehicle a few meters next to two females and their sub-adult cubs and watched them for about one hour. Since I sat in the front of the car, I had a wonderful angle for taking pictures of how they played and greeted each other.

And since most of today’s superstars have been “shot” in black and white at some stage, I thought the Hollywood-Pride deserves it too!

June 2010, Josephat Msoni: Lot’s to See at the Island Bush Camp

I had 3 guests from Scotland, it was there first time on safari. They had an 8 night stay in the valley going to 3 different camps.We arrived at camp to enjoy the sun setting over the Muchjna escarpment to the west, the next day we walked on the other side of the Luangwa River as the lions had been inviting us all night! We were looking for them but they seem to have disappeared.

In the afternoon it was a trip to our famous plains and it was very active. Just as we approached the plains there were impala and puku and in the Mopane forest was a herd of elephants. At this time we did not know that on the other side of the plain was a leopard in the tree watching us, we only saw him once he came down the tree. The next morning as usual we started with a cup of tea as the sun rose before setting off. Just barely 200 meters into the walk suddenly our scout Danger (it’s his name) pointed to some wild dogs. We saw 3 wild dogs running along the dry stream after being chased by elephants.

I know these clients are very lucky with there first safari as many guest have come to Africa for years before seeing wild dogs or even a leopard!

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