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Return of the wild dogs


We had been waiting for a long time for them…

They had disappeared into areas where not even researchers could track them…

But now, after four long months, they came back to show us what they’ve been hiding… Their puppies.

Most likely raised in dense Miombo Forest, closer to the Muchinga Escarpment, it is these months when they’re old and strong enough to follow the pack during their daily movements. And it is exactly those movements that make wild dogs so hard to find as they can cover several kilometres each day. Hence we were extremely lucky and delighted to see them last week!

Close to an area known to us as “Wakumba”, which is not far from our river crossing, five adult wilddogs with their five puppies decided to spend the whole day at a waterhole, at times sleeping, then chasing each other, and sometimes just playing in the water. All our guests had the wonderful opportunity to watch all of this, before the rare carnivores decided to go hunting as the sun was setting.

We hope they’ll be back soon!

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