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The road to Island Bush Camp


How we get our guests to bush camp has been mentioned before: we cross the river, followed by a 3 ½ hours drive through the park, and ending, again, with an adventurous river crossing, this time by boat though. Then you’ve reached our beautiful Island Bush camp.

But how exactly is the 3 ½ hours drive in the car?

Trying to answer this question, I jumped in the back of the car the other day to take the chance and see the bush camp-trip from a guests’ perspective. So I sat back and relaxed.

We started off at 7 in the morning. After ten minutes we had crossed the river, watching about 20 hippos bashing into the deeper part of their wet environment.

Shortly afterwards we followed small tracks leading towards Chichele Hill and found a leopard dozing on a branch of one of the plentiful sausage trees in the area.

We left it there after some time and made our way to Zebra Plain, passing hundreds of elephants on the way, including a few breeding herds with recently born babies.

Zebra Plain is about half way to the bush camp and, as the name suggests, is a big open plain with a wonderful view of the Nchindeni Hills behind, and usually full of zebras and puku. Apart from those, we also observed an old giraffe bull making its graceful way from one acacia bush to the other.

Another half an hour further a small herd of buffaloes crossed our path, then, in the mopane forest, a martial eagle landed on a tree right next to us, not to mention dozens of impalas around every corner.

As soon as we crossed the Kapamba River, about 45 minutes away from our camp, another herd of elephants decided to stroll down for a drink.

From there on it’s a real bush track, impossible to find without one of our experienced guides. We crossed gullies, dry riverbeds and meandered around trees until we found ourselves on the vast open banks of the Luangwa River, and there, there on the other side it is. Another short boat crossing and you’re welcomed by our team with a cold drink. You have arrived at Island Bush Camp!

But back to my question: how exactly was the drive? Here’s the answer: magical.

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