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November News


The month of November is dominated by nightly thunderstorms, rising water levels in lagoons and rivers and by the landscape turning into a lush green garden of Eden.

So you would think. This year things are a bit different.

The air is dry and hot and we only received very little rain up to now. Hence water becomes a scarce element in the Luangwa Valley and almost all the animals have to congregate along the river in order to quench their thirst.
This, of course, produces fantastic game viewing.


Animals like wild dogs, leopards, lions, elephants, giraffes, buffaloes etc. have frequented the area very often in the last weeks and gave guests great photographic opportunities.

These pictures are taken by Irma and Rene Krayss, who were guests at Kafunta for the first three weeks of November. Thank you Irma & Rene.

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