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Lions at Kafunta


Action at Kafunta River Lodge… literally!

If you want to be woken up several times during the night by the sound of roaring lions then Kafunta River Lodge is the place to be as one young male lion and his two lionesses have been in the area for months. For many evenings now we have been listening to the lions roaring while enjoying dinner on the deck after an exciting day on safari.

Our three, what have come to be known as ‘resident’ lions have left the park since the rainy season with the rising levels of the river and since food over this side is abundant, there has been no need for them to get their coats wet and swim back across the river. They seem to be surviving well on impala and puku, giving up their favoured treat of buffalo and are looking in good condition.

Hopefully, in light of the recent ‘love in the air’ and having seen two of them mating over the past week, in 110 days or so we may be blessed with a few cubs!

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