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Elephants came to visit


We had a pretty interesting day with the elephants visiting us here at Kafunta yesterday. They didn’t just pass through like they normally do, but decided to spend the day with us. This provided some great photo opportunities and also some difficulty getting around the camp.

Coming for breakfast before game drive proved to be a little challenging for guests staying in chalets 1 to 6. The elephants had completely taken over that side of the camp, and for sure, they definitely had the right of way! Luckily they moved over to the kitchen area so breakfast could start and game drive wasn’t too delayed.


When everyone came back from morning game drive the guides, Josephat and Abel, had great fun leading them along the front of the chalets by the river, over decks and around bushes to get everyone back to their chalets, because once again, the elephants had claimed the walkways.

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