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LUANGWA CATS (from our archives)

This picture of a lioness was actually taken after a leopard (the “blind-eyed” one) killed an impala and dragged it up to safety in a tree. Obviously not high enough as a female and male lion came chasing, and the lioness climbed up the tree to grab the kill. She tried for a long time to bring it down to share with the male, too wary of climbing up, but failed and the poor male (and leopard!) stayed on the sideline watching!

A few days after that, it was a group of several male lions found on a hippo kill. Some other encroaching lions tried to come and share the meal to be quickly chased off by the dominant males.

The very next day was even more memorable! Our guests came across a pile of crocodiles, who had stolen a kill made by wild dogs. But looking at the scene more closely, they saw that one of the crocodiles was in fact… a leopard!

The popular “blind-eyed” leopard, renown in the area for his force and courage, was amongst the ferocious crocs, trying to get bits of the meal. It was absolutely incredible and the footage from René is sensational!

The party was later joined by a big hippo whose intention was unclear, as hippos are often seen harassing predators coming to the river, but in this situation, there was no rescuing to be done.

Then came a hyena, always on the lookout for easy meals… and that was enough to get our leopard to his senses, and he left the scene shortly after.

A few days after that, a group of lions were seen lazily chasing zebras, but their lack of motivation was clear and the hunt didn’t last long.

However, it was soon to be followed by a more significant and brutal try at an adolescent elephant who did manage to get away, with only a few scratches.

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