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African Safari, A Soul Soothing Experience

If you’ve been on safari before you know how difficult it is to translate what you’re experiencing into words, to express the feeling of being in the African bush, to tell your friends back home what it was all about to be out there in the wilderness

A few months ago, the  Travel Africa magazine published a short text describing why a safari is so good for our soul. These few inspiring words precisely describe the benefits of experiencing pure and remote wilderness.

BEING IN THE MOMENT On safari, we seem to be able to live more naturally in the present, immersed in whatever is or isn’t happening minute by minute. Being more in the moment delivers great benefits for our mind, body and soul.

SLOWING DOWN Because our days in the wild follow a more natural circadian rhythm and we’re existing more in the moment, we function at a much slower pace. This adds to our sense of wellbeing and means we have more time to appreciate the little things. 

BEING OUTSIDE When on a safari vacation we spend a lot more time outside than normal. As well as the benefits of breathing in lots of fresh air and absorbing some vitamin D, our souls are fed by being in much closer touch with our simpler, more primitive needs – food, shelter and warmth. 

ENGAGING OUR SENSES The safari environment is more multi-sensory than our everyday lives. We’re engaging (and relying on) our senses much more than usual, and this makes us feel more alive

GAINING PERSPECTIVE All of the above helps to put ourselves and our lives into perspective, enabling us to take a step back and see things with fresh eyes.

by Vikki Threlfall (Tuli Safari Lodge)

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