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Saving Chilongozi Basic School

For close to 10 years now Project Luangwa has received enormous support from safari visitors and various donors, and many local communities have benefited greatly through a great variety of projects such as new schools, library, girls clubs etc. There is however some areas which can remained unnoticed, mostly due to their extreme remoteness. One such area is the Chiefdom of Malama bordering the southern part of the national park. That’s exactly where our newest camp, Three Rivers Camp, is located. One of the reason we were granted the land by the Chief is to bring the community in the spotlight and start focusing on projects that can help the local village and its inhabitants.
One of them is to SAVE the Chilongozi Basic School. Over 260 children are concerned. The District Education Secretary is considering closing the school altogether unless something can be done to help. Read more about the proposal and what is needed to save the school.

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